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We fight too much

I feel nothing anymore
Teach me to roll a blunt



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I’m starting to fall harder for you but he always comes back in the picture and I will never pick anyone over him..

Wasting time

I know I’m wasting my time by writing this but it’s 5 in the morning and I think too much. I don’t miss your friendship though.. Maybe I should but I don’t. I don’t think you know how you always made me feel less than you. Like I had to prove something all the time. How I’d always get the second best thing to what you got. You talk down about my family and friends when you think you know me. You never knew how much I wanted to yell at the top of my lungs just to drown out the sound of your voice. You knew my problems and said you cared but those words meant nothing bc when I needed you, you wouldn’t say anything. You made it about you all the time. You never listened to me and what I wanted. You knew how bad my trust issues are, how my whole life everyone has lied to. For some reason I thought I could trust you. Yet I kept finding out little lies you told and for what? Then the lies got bigger and you lied to your “best friend” about the most important things. Things you don’t lie about. You say you “win” but in reality you lost the only person who was honest and trustworthy. I hope you realize that and know I’m not coming back.